Wednesday, April 16, 2014

dur comme un ane

hard as a donkey. hopefully the title of this post translates correctly?  :)  dear friends, my trip to the islands was sometimes dur comme un ane! we paddled for hours and hiked for miles (nine at one time!) many uphill and into the wind. oh but there are no words to describe the beauty. there is moisture on the island, unlike california, so there were wildflowers, and green. rolling green hills dotted with blossoms and the smaller island oak. birds sang well into the night and foxes scampered playfully (and sometimes annoyingly, one pooed on our cooler and another left muddy little paw prints on our tent, knock knock, let me in!) while on our hike we spread out a blanket near the top of montaƱon ridge and devoured our picnic lunch of salami and hard cheese, trail mix and tiny apples. we agreed there was no more prettier view, no place we'd rather be. sitting there together, with only the birds and the wind and the earth and sky. i'm reading robert louis stevenson right now, 'travels with a donkey' (hence the influence of today's post title) and wishing for just one moment i could put together words as r.l.s., to bring a moment to life... like these from 'travels with a donkey'... that truly describe our island time, "the view, back upon the northern gevaudan, extended with every step; scarce a tree, scarce a house, appeared upon the fields of wild hill that ran north, east, and west, all blue and gold in the haze and sunlight of the morning. a multitude of little birds kept sweeping and twittering about my path; they perched on the stone pillars, they pecked and strutted on the turf, and i saw them circle in volleys in the blue air, and show, from time to time, translucent flickering wings between the sun and me." sigh...
while chuck worked, guiding kayak tours, i read and knit and knit and read. the black shetland hap shawl, i'm hoping to make, destined for shetland islands this summer, now has it's beginnings on california's channel islands. if you'd like to know more about this national park (national treasure!) follow the links below.

xoxo lori

Sunday, April 13, 2014

knitting shetland

hello! good morning! this is the in progress bressay dress, my 'going to shetland this summer with gudrun johnstone and maryjane mucklestone dress'! a new knit along is just beginning if you have an interest in making the bressay too. nicole is going to be our moderator, you can find the thread here. it is such a simple and beautiful pattern, and will be so cozy to wear. keeping with the shetland theme, i ordered organic shetland wool for a traditional hap shawl, gudrun's hansel. another kal maybe? would love the company! :)

see you in a few days, i'm off to the islands this morning!! foxes!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

four in one

dear lovely friends, what do you do when life keeps happening, and your blog is not keeping up? make a four in one post! yes, this is a: where we went - made - bought - met - post. and a thank you post, for all the kindness for kimberly and mike, you are so sweet! thank you! okay, let's go...


the scandinavian festival! i've got swedish roots!

 we met cat, and learned all about inkle weaving

 we met saami people

 saw favorite books

 and textiles


and handknits!

 helene's book was here, maryjane's too!

 dala horses were well represented

 viking dogs and a huge pile of onions!

they have swedish blue!

look! oh my goodness!

 tables were set up with bobbin lace making in progress

 we gave it a try, here is my sister, she got it right away!

 it took me a little longer

 this lovely woman didn't even use a pattern


 this was my favorite, look at the little future wool lover

 if you wanted, you could dress up like a viking

or make a floral crown

 aww! so pretty!

 we learned a little history

saw ancient crafts

and watched the end of a play about snip snap and snurr!

 my sister and i had such a wonderful time together, it was a spectacular day, warm and sunny. and scandinavia! i LOVE all things scandinavian. we learned a lot about our heritage, and spent a few minutes with a travel agent vendor, doing a little wishful trip planning. our family originated in the north of sweden, our great grandfather was born in vadso, norway. we have been dreaming of going to norway and sweden for many years, and made a vow to really make it happen! 

from the festival, a box of my favorite swedish soap...

and a dala horse pendant. our best treasures though were the informational travel brochures we collected!

more soon!

oops. this was not part of the blog post plan. i'm sorry, but this is so beautiful, i love it so much. can't stop looking at it...

a friend gave me this box, a thank you present

but look! it's much more than a box

it opens to reveal a portable writing desk. oh my goodness. visions of hemingway on safari filled my head.


this is abalone joe.

once a year, abalone joe makes a trip down the coast, selling his abalone shells. every year he stops in for a visit and  every year i buy several sets from him, and then give them away to family and friends. joe is a super kind person, i'm glad to know. and his sustainably harvested shells are BEAUTIFUL!

 i've been walking and hiking a LOT, especially since my sister told me about this app, run keeper. it is the best! it's so motivating! getting moving is something i've needed a push with lately. do you have a favorite exercise tip?   thank you for coming by! it's almost the weekend! have a wonderful one!